Which Iraqi Songs Have People Played the Most?


1.Nur Al zain + Ghazwan Al Fahd Jinak Bihaya – 59 million plays

2.Ahmad Jwad Ya Sattar – 18 million plays

3.Ali Al dalfi Ma Yaabroon – 18 million plays


4. Saif Amir Illa Tahin – 15 million plays

5. Yasir Abdulwahab and Muhamad Al Salihi Ajani Al Lail – 13 million plays

6.Muhamad Assalm Tarleli – 12 million plays

7. Waleed Ashami Shay Fee Qalbi – 11.8 million v

8.Rahma Riyadh  Anudi  – 6 million plays

9. Husam Al Rassam  Affatni – 5.6 million plays

10. Helly Luv Revolution – 3.7 million plays

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