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The Best 12 Images From @everydayiraq on Instagram


The Everyday Iraq Instagram and Facebook account describes itself as an “Open project to feature mobile photography by photographers living and working in Iraq.” Here Yalla chooses twelve of the best photos from around the country.

1.    Large Market, Najaf

2.    Shepherd, Nineveh

3.    Lion of Babylon, Babel

4.    Festival, Amedi

5.    Central Station, Baghdad

6.    Al-Karada Dakhil street, Baghdad

7.    Prayers before Iftar, Samara

8.    Shat al-Arab, Basra

9.    Resting man, Karbala

10.  Religious unity, Karbala

11.  Yazidi man, Duhok

12.  Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra, Baghdad

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