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Yalla at The Movies: Sisters


Filthy humour hits the spot in raucous comedy

Fans of TV shows 30 Rock and Parks & Recreation have been flocking to watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in Sisters, and Yalla has joined them. All the jokes and timing of the pair are showcased in this well-executed comedy, but be warned – unshackled from the restrictions of TV, the jokes are filthy and the language crude.

From the opening scene, right through to the bloopers reel at the credits, Sisters had the four people in the screening Yalla attended hooting with laughter. If a comedy needs 6 laugh-out-loud moments to pass the test, this passes with flying colours.

Fey and Poehler play the 40-something Ellis sisters, Fey a single mother unable to get her life together, and Poehler the sensible divorcee. Their parents sell the home in which they grew up, and the sisters decide to roll back the years and throw one last house party. In amongst the jokes about sex, the accidental drug-taking and a cameo from John Cena, are some moments of pathos which give a little anchor to a movie that could have floated away otherwise.

It’s not a film for the easily offended, nor for those looking for some serious message – but if you like cheap gags and have a couple of hours to spare, Yalla believes you’ll come out with a grin on your face.

Yalla Rating: 7 / 10

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