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Yalla At The Movies – John Wick Chapter 2


Just over two years ago a revenge movie with a difference hit cinema screens. The eponymous hero / anti-hero of John Wick is driven to murderous revenge after his puppy is killed by a Russian mobster’s spoilt son, an exclamation point to the theft of Wick’s classic Mustang.

Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, was revealed to be a former assassin, and one pushed back into the world of ultra-violence by the two crimes, both of which are connected to his recently deceased wife.

The plot is wafer thin, but the action is not, and there’s no need to expect much more in Chapter 2. What is delivered in this instalment (and you can be sure there are more to come) is a broadening of the murky underworld from which Wick is so keen to extricate himself. Dragged back into wearing the hitman’s suit once more – and what a fantastical suit it is – Wick’s reluctant return is summed up in a simple exchange. “I thought you were retired?” asks one ‘colleague’. “I’m trying,” deadpans Wick. Reeves is at his best in action roles, and his acting chops are not stretched here.

What is obvious is that Reeves works exceptionally hard to inhabit this persona. A three month training camp before filming began involved weapons’, martial arts and driving training. The result is brilliantly choreographed fights scenes and thrilling car chases, on which the camera is able to linger, because the film’s star knows how to drive, can put together several move fight sequences, and holds a gun like it’s an extension of himself. It’s a performance that relies rarely, if at all, on a stunt double.

The film delights in its ridiculous over-the-top gore, with a body count extending beyond 140, so perhaps leave the kids at home. But for a rambunctious, daft 2 hours of action, John Wick Chapter 2 is a belter. And you can be sure that Chapter 3 is in the works.

Yalla star rating 4/5

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