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10 Iraqi Foods That Cost 2,000 Dinars or Less


1. Falafel

Iraqi Falafel is known for its unique taste and you can buy it almost anywhere for 750 Iraqi Dinars.

2. Paqla or Beans

This is a special type of food found especially in Babil and you can get a full plate for 1,000 IQD.

3. Kubba

One of Iraq’s most famous foods! The outside is made of rice and cereal grains and the inside is stuffed with ground meet. You can usually get them for 2,000 Iraqi Dinars.

4. Shelm or Turnip

An absolute winter essential for any Iraq – normally, a plate will cost 1,000 IQD.

5. Shawrma

One Laffa usually costs between 1,000 and 1,500 Dinars.

6.  Lentils

Vital for providing the body with calories and preventing sickness. They cost just 1,000 IQD.

7. Tekusha

A tasty, simple Iraqi staple, comprised of Nan – bread – along with onions and ghee. It won’t set you back more than 2,000 Iraqi DInars.

8. Kebab

A laffa of Kebab costs 1,750 dinars in the domestic market and it is the most famous Iraqi food.


This famous Iraqi meal is usually eaten in the morning. It costs 1,500 Dinars without cream and just 250 more with.

10. Nokaw

Perfect for summer time and widely loved from North to South Iraq. One plate will cost you between 500-1,000 IQD.

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