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8 Kitchen Secrets From Jamie Oliver


Jamie Oliver may be very well known among Iraqi women but they still don’t know all his kitchen secrets. Never fear! We are here to help you and below you can find some of his handy hints.

1. To remove stains left by fruit on your fingers, use peeled potatoes or white vinegar.

2. Don’t put tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables containing acids in the fridge because it changes their taste and the smell.

3. In order to preserve milk, which doesn’t keep very long, put a little salt inside.

4. If you make food or soup too oily, put it in a pan with ice, which will make the oil go to one side. Then you can separate it easily.

5. Don’t throw away the water you use to boil pasta or potatoes. The water is rich in vitamins and nutrients, so you should use it to water your plants.

6. If food you’re cooking is too salty, just put a peeled potato in because it will absorb all the salt.

7. When rice is overcooked, put a piece of white bread on top. It will take on the taste of the burned rice.

8. If you don’t know whether an egg you wish to use good or expired, put the egg in 10 centimetres of water. If it sinks, the egg is expired. If it floats, it’s good!

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