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Kurdish Bread “Nan Teeri”


Traditional nan teeri bread can be found throughout the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. An essential part of the Kurdish diet, it can be found elsewhere in Iraq, where it is known as ‘raqaq’.

Before making nan terri you will need:

  1. A circular wooden table known variously as a ‘dar khona’, ‘farsha’, or in some villages a ‘pna’.
  2. A long wooden rounded stick used to open the dough, called a ‘teerog’.
  3. A wood or gas burning tandoori, a ‘sero’.

Making nan teeri:

The dough is made from flour, water, yeast and some salt. When fully kneaded the dough is shaped into a thin circle and placed on the heated metal face of the tandoori for around 40 seconds until almost burned. Before serving, the nan teeri is sprayed with a little water.

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