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Iraq in 2030


Every 15 years, the CIA publishes its expectations for the future of the world. Just like the CIA, Mahmoud has some predictions, too.

How husbands and wives will fight in 2030

Wife: I wish I was blind so I wouldn’t have to like your posts all the time.

Husband: What about me? I wish I was dead so I wouldn’t have to write all those comments on your meaningless pictures!

What the Minister of Electricity in Iraq/Kurdistan will say in 2030

“We assure our citizens that in the next five years the problems with electricity will be solved.”

What Mullahs will say at Friday Prayers in 2030

“O people, you are not sympathetic these days. No one visits each others’ profiles and you do not like one another’s posts on Facebook.”

Political memories in 2030

The Iraqi people will no longer remember a President called Fuad Masum.

Daesh will continue to kill Muslims and vow: “Our eyes are on Rome!”

Mr. Daesh! Please just leave Rome for young Iraqi men – they want to see the city and the Italian girls!

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