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Sometimes some of us in the Yalla office feel like we’re just not getting enough Islam into our text messages, a sense that what we really need is a sort of Musl-emoji or Islam-oji. Well, we trawled the Apple App Store, and of course, help is at hand.

Alongside “Insha’alla”, “Masha’alla” and “Halal” and “Haram” pictures for daily use, there are prayer bead emojis to show you don’t want to be disturbed while praying. There is a siwak (a scented piece of wood for cleaning teeth) to show you are brushing your teeth – or to drop a hint that perhaps someone should be brushing theirs more often! Funniest of all are a man and a woman on scooters  – although we have no clue what they are meant to represent.

Happily both sexes are represented, men with turbans, women with scarves and niqab. Children are similarly represented along gender lines. You can search for this app on both App Store and Google Play; its name is “Muslim Emojis”.

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