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Beloved Cat Follows Iraqi Refugees to Europe


Beloved cat follows Iraqi refugees to Europe


History is full of stories about cats and dogs finding their way back to their owners over impossible distances but the tale of Kunkush is one very much for the modern age.

Kunkush’s family were refugees from Iraq, The Guardian reported. They obviously loved their cat because they brought him with them on their arduous journey to Europe.

In Greece, Kunkush went missing and was eventually found in Berlin, where he was fostered.

An international search was launched through Facebook to find the owners of the Turkish Van cat. Once they were found, money was raised through a GoFundMe page to enable a reunion.

“The story is much more than just a story about a cat,” Ashley Anderson, one of the women who helped save Kunkush and reunited him with his family, told The Dodo earlier in February, before the family was located. “I want there to be, in the suffering and pain, a little beacon of hope. I really want to find this family.”

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The family, who fled Mosul when militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) overran the town in 2014, are now safely resettled in Norway and, thanks to the efforts of Anderson and her friends, are reunited with their beloved cat.

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