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Up Your Mental Game With These Smartness Tips


Barely a week passes without the publication of new research, claiming that this, that or the other will make us more intelligent, and improve our ability to process and retain information. America’s Newsweek magazine has pulled together the 7 most effective ways to boost your brain power.

  1. Brain training: flex your grey matter in the mental gym all around us. Sudoko or crosswords in newspapers give your mind a work out, but if they don’t appeal, put down the pen and pick up a games console controller, which have been proven to be just as effective.
  2. Learn languages: there are myriad resources online if you want to learn a new language, or improve one that you already have some knowledge of. Learn to say ‘privet’ to Russians, ‘sawadee’ to Thais or ‘bonjournio’ to Italians, and of course, in every language it is essential that you learn to say “My hovercraft is full of eels!”
  3. Food and spices: research suggests that eating just one piece of dark chocolate every day will prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and increasing your intake of spices such as turmeric may reduce the rate of decline of brain cells.
  4. Find friends who are smarter than you: if we’re honest, there’s always someone around who’s brighter than us – make sure to stay close to that boffin in your life, they will drag your mind up to their level with any luck!
  5. Chew gum: gnawing away on gum, even alichlhmai, helps boost memory up to 35% and also produces brain-enhancing insulin.
  6. Take a break: every two hours take a 15 minute break from your task, to digest the work you have completed.
  7. Do some exercise: physical exercise will increase the levels of oxygen in the blood, and get it circulating around the body faster – and that means into the brain.
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