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Families In Mosul Shelter Kidnapped Yazidis For Months



As ISIL cedes control of buildings, streets and entire neighbourhoods in Mosul, stories of people risking their lives to help others are emerging from the chaos.

Yesterday a 25-year-old Yazidi woman and 6-year-old Yazidi girl, were rescued after Iraqi forces were tipped off about their whereabouts.

Mosul Deputy Governor Hassan Allaf told Rudaw: “It was really heroic of this young Iraqi soldier to put his own life at risk and help these two wonderful girls to safety.”

A family in west Mosul’s Maamoun neighbourhood had been sheltering the two for the last three months, after helping them escape from ISIL captivity. They were forced to move them each month, as militants searched for the pair, especially the unnamed 25-year-old, whose high level of education made her an important asset for the extremist group.

The two are not related, although the woman has been caring for the child for the last year. Authorities are working to find any members of the girl’s family. Politican Shex Mahmoud Mizouri is optimistic about reuniting her with relatives: “We have done everything to make sure that both these brave girls reunite with their loved ones and have had some success in tracing their families.”

The woman’s parents are in Germany, and she has an uncle in the Kurdistan region.


Almost 4,000 Yazidis are estimated to remain in ISIL captivity.

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