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First Stage Complete In Nineveh Liberation Operations



Salam Zidane – Yalla – Nineveh


Operations to begin the liberation of Nineveh have paused after the completion of the first stage in which 12 villages were retaken by the Iraqi Army, tribal forces, the Peshmerga and international coalition air support.


The Iraqi government called the military operation Fath [Conquest].


“Our armed forces, with Hashd al-Shaabi, initiated the operations to liberate Nineveh and the nearby areas from three battlefronts to complete the first stage of the Fath operations,” the Iraqi government said in a statement.


The military operations target the recapture of 14 villages, so far eight villages have been completely liberated including al-Matantar, Tel Chair, Karamardi, Nasral, al-Khatab, Kodella, al-Salahiya and al-Nadhra.


“We congratulate the people of our noble nation on the launch of Nineveh liberation operation and its first achievement of liberating a number of villages in a swift attack by our selfless fighters,” Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said. “Initiating the fulfillment of our promises to liberate all the seized governorates, towns and villages, and to eliminate ISIL and purify Iraqi land of its filth.


“This will be the year to achieve victory and the liberation of the loved Nineveh will be a victory for all Iraqis and it will crown the victories of the Army, Police, Hashd al-Shaabi, Peshmerga and the sons of the tribes,” he added.


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Shallaw Mohammed / Yalla


Nineveh Provincial Council member Hussam al-Din told Yalla that the military operation started at 4 o’clock in the morning on Thursday 24 March and continued until midday, confirming that the operation was undertaken by the 15th Division of the Army and tribal forces from the Sabaaweyun tribe, supported by Peshmerga forces and air support from the Iraqi air force and the international coalition.


“The attack was launched from the Makhmour front line and our forces recaptured seven villages east of the Tigris River. Casualties suffered by the Iraqi forces included two martyrs and six wounded,” he added. “The attack was halted to clean all the villages of explosive devices and disarm booby-trapped houses.”


Dawood Jundi al-Sheikh, member of the Security Committee of Nineveh Provincial Council told Yalla that Mosul city and Nineveh governorate liberation operations haven’t started officially and the military operation launched on 24 March 2015 was launched with the objective of taking a number of villages situated east of the Tigris River and south-west of Makhmour district.


“We liberated between 10-12 villages belonging to the tribes of Jubur, al-Lihaib and Sabaawiyun,” he added. “The real participation was by Brigades 72 and 91 of the 15th Division of the Iraqi Army supported by artillery divisions of the Peshmerga forces and air support that hasn’t started bombarding yet.”





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