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Iraqi Kurdish Minister In Iran To Discuss Water Security


The KRG’s Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources is in Iran to discuss the massively diminished flow of the Lower Zab river into Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

When construction of a dam on the river began, upstream in Iran, Abdulsatar Majeed used his Facebook page to promise that he would visit Iran to resolve the issue.

Late last month, in an interview with Turkey’s state Anadolu Agency, Majeed warned: “We have told senior Iraqi authorities that if Iran stems the flow of any two cubic metres of water into the Kurdistan region for whatever reason, we will in return need to hold back a cubic metre from southern Iraq, in order to fulfil necessary water needs in the Kurdistan region.

“We know it is Iran’s right to benefit from its water as long as it does not damage the water of the neighbouring country, as is enshrined in international laws.”

Regarding his visit, the minister said that they had a serious discussion with Iran’s officials, including the Minister of Agriculture, with regards to rivers that flow into the Kurdistan region, adding that the Iranians had promised that “they would not permit water cuts to the people of Kurdistan under any circumstances.”

Iranians have consistently denied that their plans will have a long term affect on flow of the Lower Zab, claiming that the reduction in the last year is a result of a drop in rainfall.

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