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ISIL Execution Instagram Account A Hoax


In another case highlighting the credulity of the international press, an Instagram account that encouraged visitors to vote for whether ‘Iraqi Swat’ should execute a captured ISIL militant, has been exposed as a likely hoax.


The page caused outrage when it appeared that a member of the Iraq Security Forces had killed a militant after asking whether he should be executed or spared. Comments on the post were overwhelmingly ‘kill’.


However, Haidar Sumeri, an Iraqi security analyst told the New York Daily News “It’s a fake account run by kids who don’t live in Iraq. Most of the images they post are taken from Facebook accounts of fighters or from YouTube videos.”


Russia Today correspondent Eisa Ali tweeted, “The Instagram page purporting to take votes in whether IS fighters should be killed or not is a fake. When I confronted admin I was blocked. About 18 months ago he posted a pic of IS fighter being executed a day after I had seen it elsewhere. He then ‘put it to a vote.’”


The page was taken down by Instagram after repeated patterns of abuse.

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