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Man Gets Stuck Proposing On A Cliff – Via FaceTime


27-year-old Michael Banks had an impulsive urge to propose to his girlfriend, and climbed nearby landmark Morro Rock to make the event special – even though she wasn’t with him and he popped the question over FaceTime. And climbing California’s Morro Rock is illegal.


Unsurprisingly, the incurable romantic got stuck, and had to be rescued by a helicopter team, resulting in his arrest. Once released, Banks returned to Morro Rock, where he was once again detained after members of the public complained about a man acting suspiciously in the area. He was found to be high on meth amphetamine and was charged with possession.


Morro police release a video of the rescue, accompanied by a statement. “The gentleman will be billed for the chopper ride and other related costs. We are glad all involved are OK, and appreciate the hard work of our first responders. Climbing Morro Rock is illegal and dangerous. We hope folks will choose to view it from below, saving themselves and our fire responders time and money and protecting everyone’s safety.”


Banks’ girlfriend said “yes”.

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