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Mother And Son Confess To Baby Trafficking In Baghdad


The Central Court of Investigations accepted the confessions of a woman and her son who stand accused of multiple counts of kidnapping and selling newborns in Baghdad.

In a press release, spokesperson for the High Judicial Counsel, Judge Abdul Sattar Birqedar said: “The Central Court of Investigations conducted its inquiries into the two individuals, and they confessed to kidnapping and selling infants.”

According to the press release, the accused worked as a certified midwife, taking advantage of her position to kidnap the infants and sell them. In their confessions the two revealed that they would sell the babies to middle men with whom they had had dealings in the past.

“Law enforcement officials caught them as they were trying to sell a baby girl, no more than 5 days old, in Baghdad.” The statement also confirmed: “The courts accepted the suspects’ confessions, before referring their case to the Criminal Court for trial.”

Police had previously arrested a number of individuals with ties to a child trafficking gang, who could be working with people from governorates across the country.

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