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Paris Attacks Suspect Arrested In Brussels


Salah Abdeslam, a French national raised in Belgium by Moroccan parents, has been arrested in the Molenbeek suburb of Brussels, after having evaded police for more than four months. He is the prime suspect in the ISIL-linked attacks in Paris last November.


The Belgian secretary of state for asylum and migration simply tweeted: “We got him.”


European security forces regard Molenbeek as a hotbed for Islamic extremism, and there were several explosions during yesterday’s operation. Abdeslam was apparently shot in the leg before his arrest. He will be extradited to France within the next few days, where it is hoped light will be thrown on the coordinated gun and bomb attacks.


All the other attackers either blew themselves up in suicide bombings or were killed by police. ISIL, in a statement claiming responsibility for the outrage, talked about an attack in the 18th arrondissement that never happened, prompting speculation that the former bar owner had failed to complete his mission.



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