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Sponsored by Yalla: The first Facebook Workshop in Iraq


The Facebook workshop organized by Yalla on Friday 4th of March 2016 at Chwar Chra hotel in Erbil was attended by twenty representatives of the most important and most famous Kurdish and Iraqi websites. This workshop is considered unique because it’s the first Facebook workshop in Iraq, in addition to this it’s a big step towards changing the way internet is used in Iraq.

The workshop was run by the Iraqi Facebook Software Engineer Murtaza al-Tamimi who spoke about the service Free Basics which allows the use of internet for free for those with limited affordability including migrants and the displaced.

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This service was offered for the first time in Iraq by Korek Telecom, it allowed the users of its sim cards to use Facebook and many other global websites for free. But the purpose of this service is also to provide access to the local websites, hence Yalla arranged for the managers of many Iraqi websites to meet al-Tamimi, who explained to them how it is possible to provide this service for Iraqis so that they are able to follow news and keep in contact with their local and international networks without having to pay internet charges or even buying a super smart mobile phone such as IPhone or Samsung.

This idea attracted the attention of the workshop guests who expressed their interest to provide this service to their followers, especially as it’s considered a humanitarian service to the lower classes of the society.Yalla believes the numbers of the visitors and followers of the websites that will provide this service will increase as it’s free of charge.

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