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Turkey Imposes New Visa Requirements on Iraq


Iraqis had been able to travel to Turkey without any visa.

The Turkish government has tightened rules regarding the issuing of visas to Iraqi citizens. Previously Iraqis arriving by air were given visas on arrival in the country, making it a favourite destination for tourism. However air travellers are now obliged to have a visa before travel, bringing them in line with Iraqi passport holders that enter Turkey via a land border.

The change in policy is a return to the system in 2012, and is in response to the deepening refugee crisis.

“Iraqi citizens will continue to benefit from e-Visa and will be required to have valid Schengen, USA, United Kingdom and Ireland visa/residence permit to be granted an e-Visa. Iraqi citizens who do not meet these conditions may apply for a visa via and enter Turkey with the visa granted by Turkey’s diplomatic missions.”

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