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5 Types of Foods Essential for Women during Pregnancy



Yalla takes a look at essential grub to nurture expectant mothers and their unborn babies.


“It’s amazing what you get in one egg for only about 90 calories,” says Elizabeth Ward, writer, nutritionist and author of Expect The Best, a guide to healthy eating before, during and after pregnancy. An egg provides plenty of energy and 12 vitamins, minerals and proteins.


Lean meat

During pregnancy mothers need to double their intake of iron. Dietitian Jo Ann Hattner says low iron levels during pregnancy create may contribute to a low birth weight and even premature delivery or miscarriage. “If you don’t have sufficient iron, you are more likely to feel tired,” she says.



Milk is a vital source of calcium aiding bone development of the unborn baby. Milk also maintains strength for the mother’s teeth and the bones, and contains high levels of protein. One glass of low fat milk contains 8.22 grams of protein.



The lashings of potassium in bananas are great for expectant mothers, as it delivers an easy-to-digest energy boost, without empty calories.



It’s pretty obvious, but water prevents dehydration that can harm a mother’s child and also decrease cravings for unhealthy snacks as a glass of water will fill a hole.


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