Mohammed Omer Al-Musawee – Yalla

From Khazir Camp

As daily battles continue in Mosul, more families are displaced to camps hastily constructed in surrounding areas. Yesterday evening, escorted and protected by Iraqi Security Forces and Peshmerga, more than 400 people arrived at Khazir Camp, 20 km east of Mosul.




The army arranged civilian passenger trucks to transport them from Mosul to Bazkirtan village near Bartalla, where they were received by the Peshmerga and accompanied the rest of the way to Khazir.


Despite fears at the start of the Mosul operation, there is a high level of coordination between the ISF and the Peshmerga.


At the Bazkirtan checkpoint, everyone received food, water and sweets from the Peshmerga. IDPs have testified to a severe shortage of even basic food in the city.

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The children have witnessed horrific war crimes committed by ISIL.


The convoy took them to Hassan Sham (close to Khazir) camp at sunset. The majority are expected to remain there until ISIL have been driven out of Mosul.


After auditing, searches and the completion of necessary security measures, they entered the camp to start a new chapter and try to put the nightmare of ISIL behind them.


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